Executive - Permanent Committee

Committee Charge

The Executive Committee transacts the routine business of the Council and is convened by the Staff Council President, who serves as Chair of the Committee. All business transacted by the Executive Committee is reported at Staff Council meetings by the President-Elect. The Executive Committee receives Committee reports, via the Staff Council Speaker, for Staff Council Committees and via the Staff Council President for external (University-wide) Committees. The Executive Committee determines the agenda for Council meetings.

The Committee currently meets via zoom, every Wendesday at 11 a.m., except for those weeks that the Business meetings fall on. Please contact scouncil@unm.edu for further details.

Committee Members

President & Chair - Nancy Shane
President Elect - Scott Sanchez
Speaker - Tracy Wenzl
Treasurer - Angela Beauchamp
Grade at Large Representatives - Texanna Martin and Armando Bustamante
Precinct at Large Representatives - Grace Faustino and Brian Vineyard

Amy Hawkins - Staff Council Administrator (Ex Officio)

Current Year Minutes