Standing Rules

"Standing Rules are rules (1) which are related to the details of the administration of a society rather than to parliamentary procedure, and (2) which can be adopted or changed upon the same conditions as any ordinary act of the society.” - RONR 11th ed.


Adopted: September 2021, Standing Rule for Electronic Meetings: 

  1. To be counted as present at an electronic business meeting, members must respond verbally when their names are called during roll call.
    1. If a member arrives after roll call but within 15 minutes of the call to order, the member should contact the Staff Council administrator via private chat;
    2. Before final votes on main motions, the Staff Council administrator may ask members to verbally verify their presence;
    3. Any member can request a confirmation of quorum before any votes are taken;
    4. Members must be in attendance for at least half of the meeting; and
    5. Members must let the Staff Council Administrator know via private chat if leaving before the meeting adjourns
  2. Members have the responsibility to ensure that they can hear everything occurring in the meeting, and the ability to be heard. Accessibility issues should be made known to the Staff Council Administrator no less than 30 business days prior to a meeting, and shall be addressed pursuant to UNM policy.
  3. Appearing on video is highly encouraged, as it is useful in confirming that a quorum is present.


Adopted: November 2020, Standing Rule on Funding Requests: Requests for funds, of no greater than $3000, may be made to the Executive Committee, who may approve such requests if action must be taken prior to the next meeting of the Staff Council. If the Executive Committee denies all or part of a request, the Staff Council may choose to fund any part of the denied portion.


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