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How am I represented?

Every staff member at UNM has dual representation on the Staff Council, by grade and by precinct. Grade representatives represent constituents based on job grade and Precinct representatives represent constituents based on reporting structure and organization codes grouped by campus location. Elections for grade reps are held in odd numbered years and for precinct reps in even numbered years. Councilors are elected to represent staff and welcome your feedback to hear your concerns and ideas!

What grade/precinct am I in?

To find your grade:

Type your name into the box by “Type an employee’s name to filter”’
Your grade will show in the “Salary Grade” column

To find your precinct:

Search by org code, description, or MSC and your precinct will show in the right column

Who represents my grade/precinct?

To find your representatives, go to
Use the Grade/Precinct box to find your representatives and their contact information.

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