Find Your Precinct

OrgOrg DescriptionOrg CodeDepartmentPrecinct
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S045AAnthropology Department1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S048FAS Biology General Administrative1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S057BCenter for Health Policy1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S070AAS BA/MD Program1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S133BEarth and Planetary Sciences E PS1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S133CInstitute of Meteoritics1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S186AEconomics Department1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S238ASustainability Studies Program1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S257AMuseum Studies1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S286BCenter for Stable Isotopes1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S330AAmerican Studies Department1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S360AMasters of Public Policy Program1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S390ASchool of Public Administration1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S476AChicana / Chicano Studies1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S484APolitical Science Department1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S484BPolitical Science1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S597ALinguistics Department1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S616ANative American Studies1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S687AHistory Department1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S704ASpanish Portuguese1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S711DArts Sciences Admn Support1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S869AMathematics Statistics1
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S711FArts Sciences Development2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S765APsychology Department2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S765CPsychology Department AGORA2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S765DPsychology Clinic2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S765EPsychology Clinical Neuroscience Ct2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S707APhysics Astronomy Department2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S707ECAS/CQuIC2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S889AChemistry Department2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S901APhilosophy Department2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S903ASpeech and Hearing Sciences2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S903BSpeech Hearing Sciences Gen Admin2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S923AEnglish Department2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S931ASociology Department2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S931BSociology2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S931CInstitute for Social Research2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S937BMaxwell Museum2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S937COffice of Contract Archeology2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S985AEarth Data Analysis Center2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S286AA & S Interdisciplinary Programs2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S711EArts Sciences Advisement2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S763ALanguage Learning Center2
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS842ALanguage Literacy Sociocultural LL2
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S800AAfricana Studies Department3
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S839ACommunication Journalism3
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S856ALanguages Cultures & Literatures3
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S860BGeography3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS303AInstitute for Professional Dev IPD3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS353AHealth Exercise & Sports Science3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS365BCCRCE Admin3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS522ACOEHS Administration3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS522B2COEHS Deans Office Gen Admin3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS527ACenter for Student Success3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS527BCSS - Field Services3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS527FCSS - Advisement3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS583AFamily Development Program FDP3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS734AIndividual Family Comm Educ IFCE3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS795ADept Teacher Ed, Ed Lead & Policy3
ABJCollege of Ed & Human Science COEHS971ADepartment of Special Education3
ABNCollege of Univ Lbry & Learning Sci107ACULLS3
ABNCollege of Univ Lbry & Learning Sci375CCULLS OILS3
ABNCollege of Univ Lbry & Learning Sci430AUniversity Press UP3
ABNCollege of Univ Lbry & Learning Sci764ACULLS SCRC3
ABSHonors College787AHonors College Admin3
ABHCollege of Arts & Sciences A&S343ACradle to Career Policy Institute3
ABBUniversity College UC158AUC Administration4
ABBUniversity College UC279AUC Advisement Center4
ABBUniversity College UC417AROTC Programs4
ABEVP Division of Enrollment Mgmt085AAdmissions Office4
ABEVP Division of Enrollment Mgmt176ARegistrars Office Department4
ABEVP Division of Enrollment Mgmt290BVPDEM General Administration4
ABEVP Division of Enrollment Mgmt290CCommunications Center4
ABEVP Division of Enrollment Mgmt290EEnrollment Reporting4
ABEVP Division of Enrollment Mgmt290JSSSC-Security and Maintenance4
ABEVP Division of Enrollment Mgmt454BSFAO Administration4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA272AArt Museum4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA459AMusic4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA459EMusic Bands4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA459GMusic Prep School4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA459HJohn Donald Robb Music Trust4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA459IUNM Lab School4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA568AFilm and Digital Arts4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA595AArt Art History4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA652ATheatre and Dance4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA694ACollege of Fine Arts Administration4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA694IARTS Lab4
ABGCollege of Fine Arts CFA989ATamarind Institute4
ABIAnderson Schools of Management ASM224BASM Administration5
ABIAnderson Schools of Management ASM224FASM Information Systems Management5
ABIAnderson Schools of Management ASM224GCorp and Community Engagement5
ABOContinuing Education Cont Ed373ACE Restricted Operations5
ABOContinuing Education Cont EdABOContinuing Education Cont Ed5
ABQVice President for Research028ACASAA Department6
ABQVice President for Research028BCASAA General Administrative6
ABQVice President for Research028CCASAA Clinical Research6
ABQVice President for Research028DCASAA Prevention Education Resch6
ABQVice President for Research063CVPRED EPSCOR Administrative6
ABQVice President for Research069BBureau of Business Economic Rsrch6
ABQVice President for Research069DGeospatial and Population Studies6
ABQVice President for Research076ASW Hispanic Research Institute6
ABQVice President for Research397ALand Grant6
ABQVice President for Research433ACenter for High Tech Materials CHTM6
ABQVice President for Research663ACtr for Adv. Research Computing6
ABQVice President for Research740ACtr for Micro Engineering Materials6
ABQVice President for Research798G0Ofc of Rsrch Integrity & Compliance6
ABQVice President for Research798H0VP Research Econ Devp General Admin6
ABQVice President for Research798H2Sponsored Projects - Main - Branch6
ABLSchool of Law LAW588ASchool of Law6
ABLSchool of Law LAW588PSOL Utton Center6
ABLSchool of Law LAW838AInstitute of Public Law6
ABLSchool of Law LAW963ALaw Library6
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office016ACompliance Ethics & Equal Opp7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office031APresidents Office7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office031BPresidents Office Gen Admin7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office201AGovt & Community Relations Office7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office213AUniversity Counsel Office7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office248AUniv Communication & Marketing7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office276AVP Inst Advancement Alumni Relation7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office398AOmbuds Services7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office676AInternal Audit Department7
AAAPresident Admin Indpnt Office980ABoard of Regents7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925C1Athletics Administration7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925C8ATHLETICS UNM TENNIS CLUB7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925DAthletics Mens Basketball7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925EAthletics Football7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925F0Athletics Media Relations7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925F1Athletics Training Room7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925F3Athletics Academic Advising7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925F4Athletics Compliance7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925F7Athletics Equipment Rm Football7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925F8Athletics Equipment Rm General7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925F9Athletics Business Office7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925FAAthletics Ticket Office7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925FBAthletics Marketing7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925FDAthletics Video7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925H2Athletics Volleyball7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925H3Athletics Womens Basketball7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925H5Athletics Womens Soccer7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925IAthletics Special Events7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925JAthletics Lobo Club7
ADCIntercollegiate Athletics925MEvents Management7
ABAProvost Administrative Units064AGlobal Education Office8
ABAProvost Administrative Units124AHarwood Foundation8
ABAProvost Administrative Units241AOSE Optical Science and Engineering8
ABAProvost Administrative Units329AInstitutional Research8
ABAProvost Administrative Units359AUC Water Resources Program8
ABAProvost Administrative Units386AInstitute of Design & Innovation8
ABAProvost Administrative Units402AKUNM8
ABAProvost Administrative Units412AUniv Lbry CRS8
ABAProvost Administrative Units414AADVANCE8
ABAProvost Administrative Units457AGraduate Studies GS8
ABAProvost Administrative Units521ACenter for Teaching and Learning8
ABAProvost Administrative Units617ALatin American Iberian Institute8
ABAProvost Administrative Units688AProvost Office Staff8
ABAProvost Administrative Units688BProvost General Administrative8
ABAProvost Administrative Units688KAdvising Strategies8
ABAProvost Administrative Units847BCARS General Administrative8
ABAProvost Administrative Units930AOfc of the University Secretary8
ADDController032CUNM Copy Center9
ADDController032ESurplus Property9
ADDController032HUniversity Services9
ADDController032IMailing Shipping & Receiving9
ADDController032LInventory Control9
ADDController032MChem & Resrch Lab Supplier (CRLS)9
ADDController079BStudent Accounts Receivable9
ADDController079CStudent Accounts Receivable Cashier9
ADDController112AContract Grant Accounting Main9
ADDController113AAccounts Payable9
ADDController185BRisk Services9
ADDController404APayroll Department9
ADDController424AController Reporting9
ADDController428AUnrestricted Accounting Main9
ADDController480AController Administration9
ADDController594AFinance Systems Management9
ADDController712ABudget Office9
ADDController944AProcurement Services9
ADAEVP Finance & Administration291APolice Department10
ADAEVP Finance & Administration447ACrisis Management and Preparedness10
ADAEVP Finance & Administration475AEVP Finance & Administration10
ADAEVP Finance & Administration685AEnviron Health & Safety10
ADAEVP Finance & Administration968AUNM Policy Office10
ADFHuman Resources HR730B1HR Administration10
ADFHuman Resources HR730B2HR Benefits10
ADFHuman Resources HR730B3HR Client Services10
ADFHuman Resources HR730B4HR Compensation10
ADFHuman Resources HR730B5HR Service Center10
ADFHuman Resources HR730B6HR Business Services10
ADFHuman Resources HR730C0HR Labor & Employee Relations10
ADFHuman Resources HR730EEmployee Organizational Developme10
ADFHuman Resources HR851DHR Employee Wellness10
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration037AStudent Health and Counseling11
AADVP for Equity and Inclusion235ALGBTQ11
AADVP for Equity and Inclusion289AVP for Equity and Inclusion11
ABPUNM Online520AUNM Online Operations11
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration378ACareer Services11
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration866BVP Student Affairs Administration11
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration306AWomens Center11
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration942BEl Centro de la Raza Administrative11
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration946AAfrican American Student Svc AASS11
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration442AAmerican Indian Student Services11
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration569ANative American Programs11
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE023AMechanical Engineering12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE052ASOE Deans Office12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE271AElectrical Computer Engineering12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE281ACenter for Water & the Environment12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE282ACOSMIAC12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE302ABiomedical Engineering12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE326AChemical and Biological Engineering12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE327ANuclear Engineering12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE394AManufacturing Engineering12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE456ACivil Construction & Env Engrr12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE650AComputer Science12
ABKSchool of Engineering SOE929AEngineering Student Success Ctr12
ABMSchool of Architecture & Planning515BSch Arch Planning Gen Admin12
ABMSchool of Architecture & PlanningABMSchool of Architecture & Planning12
AFAVP HSC Administration259BProject ECHO13
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration823ARecreational Services14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration823BRecreational Services Administrat14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration027AAssoc VP Stu SvcCollege Enrich Prgm14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration161GSub Facility Maint &amp Custodial14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration161INew Mexico Student Union Operations14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration290FVeteran's Outreach14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration334B0STEM Collaborative Center14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration410AStudent Publications14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration429AAVP of CEOP14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration429BCEOP - Outreach14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration429FSpecial Programs14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration437AMentoring Institute14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration439ACommunity Engagement Center14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration670ADean of Students14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration670CStudent Govt Acct Office14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration670DStudent Activities Center14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration719AAccessibility Resource Center14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration161ANew Mexico Union14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration161BNew Mexico Union Administration14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration161CNew Mexico Union Building Svcs14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration161DNew Mexico Union Events14
ACAVP Student Affairs Administration234BUNM Childrens Campus Administration14
ADJInformation Technologies315AIT CIO15
ADJInformation Technologies316AIT Project Management Office (PMO)15
ADJInformation Technologies318AIT Business Operations15
ADJInformation Technologies319AIT Customer Service15
ADJInformation Technologies320AIT Networks15
ADJInformation Technologies321AIT Academic Technologies15
ADJInformation Technologies322AIT Computing Platforms15
ADJInformation Technologies323AInformation Security and Privacy15
ADJInformation Technologies324AIT Applications15
ADJInformation Technologies362AIT Campus Outreach & Engagement15
ADJInformation Technologies387AIT Distributed Systems (DSYS)15
ADJInformation Technologies388AIT EMSS - Systems15
ADJInformation Technologies391AIT Virtual Infrastructure15
ADJInformation Technologies392AIT EMSS - Workstations15
ADGVP Institutional Support Services074BFood Services16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215AResidence Life and Student Housing16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215C0RLSH Finance Support16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215D1RLSH Operations Assign & Marketing16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215E0RLSH Facilities Supervisors16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215E1RLSH Facilities Support16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215E2RLSH Facilities Maintenance16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215E3RLSH Facilities Custodial16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215E4RLSH Facilities Lock Shop16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215F0RLSH Res Ed Program16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services215H1RLSH Ancillary Svcs - Conferences16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services247AKNME Operations16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services163AUNM Staff Council16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services314BParking Transportation Gen Admin16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services314E0Parking Operations16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services314E1Transportation Support16
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821C4FM Special Activities17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services806ALobo ID Card Office17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services816AVP Institutional Support Svcs Staff17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services219ABookstore Main Campus17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821B3FM Work Control17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821C0FM Grounds17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821C5FM Automotive17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821D5Utility Services Dept Main-Overhead17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821F0FM Engineering17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821E3FM Area One17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821E4FM Area Three17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821E5FM Area Four17
ADGVP Institutional Support Services726AUNM Public Events18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services240APlanning & Campus Development Off18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821E9FM UNM Cancer Center18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821B0FM Accounting18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821B1FM Administration18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821B4FM DH Lawrence Ranch18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821C6FM Main Custodial18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821C7FM Sign Shop18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821E6FM Lock Shop18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821CAFM Recycling18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services821BUFM UNM Sustainability18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services348AReal Estate Operations18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services250ACapital Projects Office18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services395ACapital & Space Strategies18
ADGVP Institutional Support Services531AGolf Course Championship18
AFDCollege of NursingAFDCollege of Nursing19
AFECollege of Pharmacy040APoison Control19
AFECollege of Pharmacy401APharmacy Deans Office19
AFECollege of Pharmacy511ACOP Pharmacy Practice & Admin Scien19
AFECollege of Pharmacy553ACOP Pharmaceutical Sciences19
AFAVP HSC Administration268AHSC Faculty Contracts20
AFBHS Library and Informatics Center483AHS Library20
AFAVP HSC Administration702AHSC Budget Office20
AFAVP HSC Administration720B0HSC FM Plant20
AFAVP HSC Administration720C1HSC FM Custodial20
AFAVP HSC Administration720D1HSC FM Area Two20
AFAVP HSC Administration773AHSC Communications20
AFAVP HSC Administration822AHSC Compliance20
AFAVP HSC Administration878ASr Exec Officer - Finance & Admin20
AFAVP HSC Administration962APre-Award Services HSC20
AFAVP HSC Administration975AContract Grant Accounting HSC20
AFJUNM HSC West Campus355BFacilities20
AFAVP HSC Administration014AVP Health Sciences Office21
AFAVP HSC Administration015AAssociate Dean Clinical Affairs21
AFAVP HSC Administration033AHealth Systems21
AFAVP HSC Administration195DCommunity Health Worker Initiatives21
AFAVP HSC Administration196AVP for Comm Health Administration21
AFAVP HSC Administration239AHSC Academic Affairs21
AFAVP HSC Administration246AHSC Registrar21
AFAVP HSC Administration255AHSC Wellness21
AFAVP HSC Administration258AUnrestricted Accounting HSC Office21
AFAVP HSC Administration267ACNAH21
AFAVP HSC Administration296AVice Chancellor for Diversity21
AFAVP HSC Administration340BHSC CIO Office21
AFAVP HSC Administration340FHSC Privacy21
AFAVP HSC Administration376AHSC Education Space Scheduling21
AFAVP HSC Administration380BNew Mexico Bioscience Authority21
AFAVP HSC Administration473AInstitute for Public Health22
AFCSchool of Medicine013BContinuing Med Educ Gen Admin22
AFCSchool of Medicine013CContinuing Med Educ Operations22
AFCSchool of Medicine043BSchool of Medicine Finance22
AFCSchool of Medicine043CSchool of Medicine Administration22
AFCSchool of Medicine043DSchool of Medicine Development22
AFCSchool of Medicine043JSOM Deans Office Operations22
AFCSchool of Medicine043NSOM Learning Environment Office22
AFCSchool of Medicine043OSOM Wellness Office22
AFCSchool of Medicine099A0Center for HPV Prevention22
AFCSchool of Medicine206ABatcave22
AFCSchool of Medicine253BSenior Associate Dean Operations22
AFCSchool of Medicine253DOffice for Medical Educator Devl22
AFCSchool of Medicine117ASOM Faculty Affairs22
AFCSchool of Medicine400BGraduate Medical Education GME22
AFCSchool of Medicine564AMolecular Genetics Microbiology22
AFCSchool of Medicine624ACell Biology22
AFCSchool of Medicine731ASR ASSOC DEANS OFFICE22
AFCSchool of Medicine801ABiochemistry Molecular Biology22
AFCSchool of Medicine914BSOM Student Affairs22
AFCSchool of Medicine914CSOM Admissions22
AFIHSC VP Research732BAnimal Resource Facility Gen Admin22
AFIHSC VP Research732CAnimal Care Compliance OACC22
AFCSchool of Medicine852BIM Central Administration23
AFCSchool of Medicine852CIM Div of Cardiology23
AFCSchool of Medicine852DIM Office of Research23
AFCSchool of Medicine852EIM Endocrinology23
AFCSchool of Medicine852FIM COEHP23
AFCSchool of Medicine852GIM Gastroentrology23
AFCSchool of Medicine852HIM Hospital Medicine23
AFCSchool of Medicine852IIM Infectious Disease23
AFCSchool of Medicine852JIM Office of Education23
AFCSchool of Medicine852KIM GIM/Geri23
AFCSchool of Medicine852NIM Nephrology23
AFCSchool of Medicine852PIM Palliative23
AFCSchool of Medicine852QIM Epi23
AFCSchool of Medicine852RIM Rheumatology23
AFCSchool of Medicine852SIM Pulm/Sleep/CC/Allergy23
AFCSchool of Medicine852TIM Translations Informatics23
AFCSchool of Medicine852UIM Global Health23
AFCSchool of Medicine852VIM Quality/Safety/Clinical Ops23
AFCSchool of Medicine852XIM Clinical Trials Unit CTU23
AFCSchool of Medicine558BEmergency Medicine23
AFCSchool of Medicine558CEmergency Med Consortium23
AFCSchool of Medicine558EEmerg Med Disaster Medicine23
AFCSchool of Medicine558FEmerg Med Peds Emerg Med23
AFCSchool of Medicine558GEmerg Med EMS Academy23
AFCSchool of Medicine558HEmerg Med Education & Residency23
AFCSchool of Medicine499BRadiology General23
AFCSchool of Medicine499ERadiologic Sciences23
AFCSchool of Medicine372APhysical Medicine & Rehab24
AFCSchool of Medicine497BOrthopaedics Administration24
AFCSchool of Medicine497EOrthopaedics Trauma24
AFCSchool of Medicine497HOrthopaedics Sports Medicine24
AFCSchool of Medicine497JOrthopaedics Physical Therapy24
AFCSchool of Medicine497MOrthopedic Research24
AFCSchool of Medicine523BSOM Surgery Administration24
AFCSchool of Medicine523B0SOM Surgery Main24
AFCSchool of Medicine523CSOM Surgery General24
AFCSchool of Medicine523DSOM Neurosurgery24
AFCSchool of Medicine523FSurgery Head Neck Reconstructive24
AFCSchool of Medicine523GSurgery Pediatric24
AFCSchool of Medicine523HSurgery Thoracic24
AFCSchool of Medicine523ISurgery Urology24
AFCSchool of Medicine523JSurgery Vascular24
AFCSchool of Medicine523MSurgery Div of Plastic Surgery24
AFCSchool of Medicine523SAcute Care Surgery24
AFCSchool of Medicine415ASOM Critical Care24
AFCSchool of Medicine772FAnesthesiology Administration24
AFCSchool of Medicine794BOB GYN Administration24
AFCSchool of Medicine794GOB GYN Urogynecology Pelvic Supp24
AFCSchool of Medicine490ANeurology24
AFCSchool of Medicine490BNeurology Adult24
AFCSchool of Medicine490ENeurology Administration24
AFCSchool of Medicine409BOphthalmology Administration25
AFCSchool of Medicine523ESOM Ophthalmology25
AFCSchool of Medicine627BDermatology Administration25
AFCSchool of Medicine160MTEASC25
AFCSchool of Medicine160WFCM/Adobe25
AFCSchool of Medicine160BFamily Community Medicine FCM25
AFCSchool of Medicine160EFCM Physician Assistant Program25
AFCSchool of Medicine451BPsychiatry Administration25
AFCSchool of Medicine451CPsych Child Adolescent Div C A25
AFCSchool of Medicine451EPsych Community Behavioral Health25
AFCSchool of Medicine451GPsych Education25
AFCSchool of Medicine451IPsychiatry Consultation Liason25
AFCSchool of Medicine451JPsych Research Schizophrenia25
AFCSchool of Medicine451LPsych BHCI/Neuro Modulation25
AFAVP HSC Administration340C1Kidney Institute of NM - KINM25
AFAVP HSC Administration340C2CHEKD25
AFAVP HSC Administration354ANM Center for Memory and Aging25
AFCSchool of Medicine993ANeurosciences25
AFCSchool of Medicine993CNeurosciences General Admin25
AFCSchool of Medicine523KDental Services25
AFCSchool of Medicine523LDental Hygiene25
AFCSchool of Medicine525ADepartment of Dental Medicine25
AFCSchool of Medicine981CCID Biodefenses25
AFCSchool of Medicine996ABiomedical Rsrch Edu Prog25
AFCSchool of Medicine043PSOM Diversity Office26
AFCSchool of Medicine099R01Medical Oncology26
AFCSchool of Medicine523QSurgical Oncology26
AFCSchool of Medicine099R02Infusion Suite26
AFCSchool of Medicine099R03Surgical Specialities26
AFCSchool of Medicine099R05Radiation Oncology26
AFCSchool of Medicine099S3HemOnc Administration26
AFCSchool of Medicine099T1Revenue Cycle Administration26
AFCSchool of Medicine099T4Transcription26
AFCSchool of Medicine099U2Patient & Family Support Services26
AFCSchool of Medicine099U4Quality Programs26
AFCSchool of Medicine099VHuman Resources26
AFCSchool of Medicine099WPlant Operations26
AFCSchool of Medicine099X3Cancer Research27
AFCSchool of Medicine099Y2Gynecology Oncology Admin Support27
AFCSchool of Medicine099Z1CRTC Population Sci Academic Unit27
AFCSchool of Medicine099Z2CRTC Biostatistics Academic Unit27
AFCSchool of Medicine099B0CRTC Directors Ofc Administration27
AFCSchool of Medicine099DCRTC Fiscal Services27
AFCSchool of Medicine099ECRTC Information Systems27
AFCSchool of Medicine099GCRTC Community Affairs27
AFCSchool of Medicine099JCRTC Shared Facilities27
AFCSchool of Medicine099KResearch Administration27
AFCSchool of Medicine099LCRTC Clinic Rsrch Data Management27
AFCSchool of Medicine099NCRTC New Mexico Tumor Registry NMTR27
AFCSchool of Medicine099QCRTC Research Program Support27
AFCSchool of Medicine099X4Estrogen Biology27
AFCSchool of Medicine099XDivision of Molecular Medicine27
AFCSchool of Medicine099X2DNA Repair27
AFCSchool of Medicine997BPediatrics Administration Division28
AFCSchool of Medicine997CPediatrics Adolescent Medicine28
AFCSchool of Medicine997EPeds Prvn and Population Sciences28
AFCSchool of Medicine997IPediatrics Endocrinology28
AFCSchool of Medicine997K0Pediatrics General28
AFCSchool of Medicine997K1Pediatrics Child Abuse Services28
AFCSchool of Medicine997K3Pediatrics Continuum of Care28
AFCSchool of Medicine997K5Pediatrics School Based Health28
AFCSchool of Medicine997LPediatrics Genetics Dysmorphology28
AFCSchool of Medicine997MPediatrics Hematology Oncology28
AFCSchool of Medicine997OPediatrics Neonatology Division28
AFCSchool of Medicine997O1Neonatology Division Support28
AFCSchool of Medicine997O2Neonatology Developmental Care28
AFCSchool of Medicine997PPediatrics Nephrology28
AFCSchool of Medicine997QPediatrics Pulmonary28
AFCSchool of Medicine497IPediatrics Occupational Therapy28
AFCSchool of Medicine254BPathology28
AFCSchool of Medicine254CPathology Medical Lab Sciences28
AFFCollege of Population Health304ACOPH Deans Office28
AFCSchool of Medicine997HPediatrics Center for Development29
AFIHSC VP Research184BSOM Human Research Protections30
AFIHSC VP Research184CBiosafety30
AFIHSC VP Research189BHSC O/R General Administration30
AFIHSC VP Research189CHSC Conflicts of Interest30
AFIHSC VP Research189DHSC Radiation Safety30
AFIHSC VP Research189FEconomic Development30
AFIHSC VP Research357ABrain and Behavioral Hlth Inst BBHI30
AFIHSC VP Research672ACTSC Administration30
AFIHSC VP Research672BCTSC Administration Gen30
AFIHSC VP Research672CCTSC Bionutrition30
AFCSchool of Medicine524BUME Administration30
AFCSchool of Medicine524CAssessment & Learning30
AFCSchool of Medicine524DUME Program Evaluation30
AFCSchool of Medicine524EUME Teacher Development30
AFCSchool of Medicine524JUME-ETS Educational Tech Support30
AFCSchool of Medicine524LSOM BA/MD Program30
AFCSchool of Medicine524MPreceptorship30
BAAUNM Medical Group369B13Charge Entry30
BAAUNM Medical Group369B22QCI Info Solutions30
BAAUNM Medical Group369B3UNM Medical Group Patient Accounts30
BAAUNM Medical Group127OUNMMG - UNM Telehealth30
BAAUNM Medical Group369B5UNM Medical Group Medical Practice30
AFCSchool of Medicine914ISOM Applied Cognition Program30
AFCSchool of Medicine389AOffice of the Medical Investigator30
Physical Address
Hokona - Zuni Room 302
Phone: (505) 277-1532


Mailing Address

UNM Staff Council
Hokona-Zuni Rm 302 MSC02 1560
1 University of New Mexico
AlbuquerqueNM 87131-0001