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Join Staff Council

All employees are encouraged to participate in Staff Council and other University governance activities, either through elected service on the Staff Council or through service on any of the Staff Council standing committees. You DO NOT have to be a Staff Council Representative to serve on a Staff Council committee.

There are three ways to participate in Staff Council:

  1. Run for office
  2. Fill a vacancy mid-term
  3. Volunteer on a Staff Council committee

Run for Office

The Staff Council is composed of 60 elected representatives: 30 representing job grades 2-19 and 30 representing precincts (organization codes grouped by reporting structure and campus location). Regular full-time and part-time staff employees who have completed six months of service at the University are eligible to run for a seat on the Staff Council. Elected members serve two-year terms. Council elections are held every March with grade representatives elected in odd-numbered years and precinct representatives elected in even-numbered years. In February, the Staff Council Office will call for self-nominations from the general staff for either grade or precinct representatives. Elections are held during the last week of March, and Council terms begin in May.

Staff Council Precinct Representative Candidates for 2018!

Fill a Vacancy Mid-Term

In the event of a vacancy, the Staff Council Office will announce the vacancy to the constituents in the appropriate grade or precinct. Interested staff can submit their names to the Staff Council Office at any time to Names are forwarded to the Staff Council Speaker. The Speaker will appoint candidates to vacant seats, with approval from the Council. Representatives that fill a vacant seat serve for the remainder of the elected term to which they are appointed. You can search for vacancies in your grade or precinct by going to the Councilors page and selecting your grade or precinct. If you are unsure of your precinct, Find Your Precinct here.

Volunteer on a Staff Council Committee

Check the Committees page to learn about the different committees in Staff Council. If you are interested in participating in a particular committee, contact the Staff Council Office or the Chair of that committee. There is plenty to do, and we welcome volunteers!

For more information on elections, go to the Staff Council Election Code.