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Staff Council Committees

Permanent Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Special (Ad Hoc) Committees

Special or Ad Hoc committees are special committees established by the Staff Council to carry out limited, specified business of the Council. The charge to such committees is determined at the time of formation. Ad Hoc committees automatically go out of existence upon either the expiration date stated by the Council at the time of formation, or when the committee submits its final report to the Council. The Staff Council Speaker, with approval from the Council, makes appointments to Ad Hoc committees.

University-Wide Committees

University-wide committees are composed of representatives from the various University constituent groups. These committees are typically formed at the administrative level of the University and may be charged with specific tasks over a stated time period or may continue permanently. The Staff Council President, with approval from the Council, makes staff appointments to University-wide committees. Staff appointed by the Staff Council President are indicated below for each Committee.

  • Diversity Council (Crystal Davis)
  • Campus Violence Policy (Rob Burford, Ryan Gregg, Erica Grong, Mary Jane Lueras, Annette Mares-Duran, Krisina Rucker)
  • Engagement Survey Action Team (Crystal Davis)
  • Faculty Staff Benefits Committee (Cecilia Brooke Cholka, Erica Grong, Gene Henley, Mark Maddaleni, Marcia Sletten)
  • KUNM Radio Board (Pam Castaldi)
  • LoboRESPECT Steering Committee (Brooke Cholka, Gina Urias-Sandoval)
  • Provost Committee for Staff (Amanda Bassett)
  • Recreational Services Advisory Council (Cindy Garcia)
  • Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Policies  (Rob Burford, Brooke Cholka, Cindy Garcia, Ryan Gregg, Erica Grong, Felicia Rider)
  • Student Conduct Committee (Brad Beck, Stella Ramos, Mark Reynolds, Gina Urias-Sandoval)
  • VEBA Advisory Board (Gene Henley)
  • Whistleblower Policy Review (Rob Burford, Nancy Shane)