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About the Award

The PAWS (People Appreciate Wonderful Staff) Award is presented each month to one staff employee who provides exceptional service to the UNM community. This employee exemplifies University values and shows initiative outside of their job scope.

The Staff Council Rewards and Recognition Committee selects a recipient from candidates nominated each month by members of the UNM community. The deadline for nominations is the last Friday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

Recipients are presented with a plaque, a certificate, and a “goody bag” of various gifts. In addition, they also receive a complimentary lunch for themselves and a friend at the UNM Faculty and Staff Club as well as a ten-dollar gift card for use at any of the food venues in the Student Union.

Receipt of nomination forms will be confirmed by email.

Nomination Form


2011: Pablino Chavez, Berlynn Ranck, Shirley Mitchell, Charlene Chavez-Tunney 
2012: John P. Maguire, Patricia McCormick, Sharon McComas, Mary Jacintha, Dawn Gunter, Cathy Chalk, Bonnie Verardo, Larry Crum, Julia Middendorf, Ed Segotta, Sarah Kieltyka, Jana Fothergill
2013: Dianne Perea, Stacia Jackson, Patsy Lucero, Jessica Jaramillo, Gary Bednorz, Dean Jojola, Katrinia Sweetland, Grandon Gomez, Lowell Gibbs, Nancy Pellman, Jason Blankenship, Dorothy M. Martinez
2014: Elyse Gerol, Shoshana R. Handel, La'Tasia Dyer, Alfredo Ruiz, Pari Noskin, Latayah York, Bryan Suhr, Clebert Garcia, Julie Morrison, Jeff Brumfield, Mariah Harrison, Karen Wright
2015: Smith Frederick, Barbara Conley, Pam Agoyo, Angela Beauchamp, Marcie Valencia, Marlena Bermel, Rita Chavez, Jan Schmidt, Tracy Ingalls, Luis Arias, Shannon Kindilien, Lisa Romero
2016: Dianne Perea, Amaris Swann, Kelly Morantes, Nicole (Niki) Montoya, Catherine Brandenburg, Bernadette Jaramillo-Peck, Tasha Santistevan, Denise Rivera, Laura Vele Buchs, Carli Maldonado, Renee Conklin, Gary Bednorz
2017:  Edwina Garcia, Jason Quinn, Debra Schaffer, Janet Werner, Arleen Montoya-Anaya, Leonel Diaz, Robert Duren, Teresa Quintana, Shalom Bond, Shannon Saavedra, Ariana Delmerico
2018: Ruben Zurita, Nathan Molina, JJ Conn, Sandra Griffenberg, Barbara Cohen, Lydia Wolberg