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Gerald W. May Outstanding Staff Award

About the Award

In 1990, President Gerald W. May provided funds specifically for staff recognition and at the end of his tenure, a matching amount was made available from the Regent’s Endowment Fund. These funds are used by the Staff Council to recognize outstanding staff members who have made significant contributions to the University. The award recognizes individuals but departments may nominate a staff member with one nomination form, signed by the group.

In the fall, nominations are solicited from University of New Mexico faculty, staff and students. The Staff Council Rewards & Recognition Committee conducts the screening process and makes recommendations, with approval of the Staff Council Executive Committee, to the President of the University. The President of the University makes the final award selections.

A minimum of three awards are presented each year. Each recipient receives a monetary award and a plaque. The awards are presented at a public ceremony in December.

Receipt of nomination forms will be confirmed by email.

2018 Nomination Instructions (Please read before completing the nomination form)

2018 Nomination Form


2018: Kevin Brown, John D. Couch, Glenda Johnson, Katherine Love, Tracy Wenzl

2017: Rob Burford, Caitlin Henke, Valerie Maestas, Susy Salvo-Wendt

2016: April Davidson, Manuel Martinez, Yolanda Martinez, Luis Rocha, Patricia Ann Young

2015: Elizabeth Duran-Valdez, Adan Garcia, Keira Philipp-Schnurer, David Rincon, Douglas Weintraub

2014: Amy Hawkins, Rosemary Melendrez, Daniel Mulligan, David Phillips

2013: Erika Alas, Maria Sol de Leon, Andrea Hart, Hallee Kells, Diana Rios, Rafael Barraza Rios, Deanna Sanchez-Mulcahy, DL Stiger, Janet Werner, Daniel Zillich

2012: Cheryl Brozena, Terry Coker, Guadalupe Guevara, Sandy Marie Rodrigue, Debra Schaffer

2011: Michelle Evans, Dean Jojola, Paula Sayers

2010: Marvin R Gurule, Marion McGranahan, Candyce Torres

2009: Maria Guadalupe “Lupe” Atencio, Kim Kloeppel, Ryan Lindquist

2008: Gloria Manzanares, Sandra Ortiz

2007: Jennifer George, Mark Manzutto, Theresa R Nevada

2006: Katherine Gienger, Joshua Kavanagh, Summer Little

2005: Pamela Agoyo, Linda McCormick, Joel A Straquadine

2004: Sandrea Gonzales, Lorraine Gutierrez, Laurie Mellas-Ramirez

2003: Randy Erwin, Karin Retskin, Robert Trujillo

2002: Ray Mora, Lucille Cordova, Carolyn Gonzales, Susan Quintana, Carole Vollbrecht

2001: Norma Boyd, Ly Flock, Joe McKinney, Lydia Salas, Lori Sloane

2000: Frances Duran, Andrew Gonzalez, Lisa McHale, Genevieve Padilla, Jerry Pilkinton

1999: Jan Dodson, Barnhart, Roxanne Littlefield, Diana Torres

1998: Judith Larson, Terry Gugliotta, Robert Harper

1997: Laura Valdez, Michael Vigil, Lynn Trojahn

1996: Eppie Jaramillo, Sandra Mitchell, Sandra Carter-Mayes, Doreen Miller1991: Charlie Gallegos, Maria Martinez, Magdalena Ortiz, Theresa Rivera-Carabajal, Ida Whitworth

1995: Carolyn Casias, James Davis, Joyce Lisbin, Eleanor Sanchez, Lessley Foust

1994: Pamela Burkhardt, Fernando Chavez, Lawrence Roybal, Patricia King, Roberto Espinosa