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The 2017 Staff Council grade election results are in!

April 10, 2017

On Tuesday, 4/18/17, the Staff Council will vote to certify the results of the recent election of 29 Councilors representing the various job grades. We still have one vacant seat representing grades 2-6.
For your information, the Staff Council is comprised of 30 Councilors representing the various job grades, which are elected in odd numbered years and 30 Councilors representing the various precincts, which are elected in even numbered years. Councilors serve a two-year term and the recently elected grade representatives' term of office will begin on May 16, 2017. Click here to see the roster of all the current Councilors for 2017-2018. This roster does not include the newly elected grade representatives.
Congratulations to all of the newly elected Councilors and those Councilors that were re-elected! 
Grades 2-6: Russi Carr, ONE VACANT SEAT
Grade 7: Charles A. King, Jr., Kristina Rucker (re-elected)
Grade 8: Cynthia Ann Gonzales (re-elected), Jessica Serna (re-elected)
Grade 9: Andrea Crawford, Jessica Gutierrez
Grade 10: Patrick Newman, Justine Saavedra, Cynthia Wenzl, Patricia (Tish) Young (re-elected)
Grade 11: Jeff Barkley, Bradford Beck (re-elected), Christine F. Heinemeyer
Grade 12: Armando A. Bustamante, Andrew Castellano, Lauren Lewis, Hannah Cole McGrew
Grade 13: Susan (Autumn) Collins, Lorena Giese, Teresa Gomez, Raymond Mitchell (re-elected)
Grade 14: Erica L. Grong, Nancy L. Shane, Gina Urias-Sandoval (re-elected)
Grade 15: Gwendolyn Cecile Azar, David Pallozzi
Grades 16 - 20: Rob Burford (re-elected), Mark Reynolds

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