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Help for Common Staff Workplace Issues

As UNM employees, we are the face of the University to our students, patients, the community and visitors. We pride ourselves in being respectful and responsible as we conduct the University’s business and in doing so we set an example of civil behavior in the workplace.

In order to improve the quality of life for all University staff, Staff Council advocates for a respectful campus. While we encourage staff to utilize the various services we provide, we would like to take this opportunity to point out the wealth of resources that are available to staff when dealing with difficult situations in the workplace.

Though in most cases we are able to handle difficult situations by turning to internal resources within our departments (i.e., speaking to our manager or supervisor, talking things out with a coworker, etc.), we recognize that there are situations that may need specialized attention from resources that are external to our department. If so, the following resources are available to you:

Workplace Issues

Human Resources (HR) Consultant - Find your Consultant here:

HR consultants are trained to provide tools and processes to assist you in dealing with workplace issues.

If you have already done this and you don’t feel you have been given enough advice or support, please feel free to explore the other options listed here.

Conflict, Stress, Workplace or Personal Problems

Counseling, Assistance, and Referral Services (CARS) - Website:

The counselors are wonderful in helping employees decrease their stress levels and finding solutions to troubling issues. Employees are allowed to use work time for the appointments as long as the employee receives pre-approval to leave their work area for an appointment with another University office. Employees are not required to identify the University office as CARS. CARS services and counseling are free and completely confidential. They will also come to departments to conduct in-service trainings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation

UNM Ombudsman Services for Staff (formerly Dispute Resolution) - Website:

Ombuds staff are trained to assist with issues between parties in a non-threatening atmosphere. You may also speak one-on-one confidentially with a member of their staff. They will help you explore options in order to determine the best way to proceed based on your level of comfort. They offer follow up sessions to determine if the agreed upon solutions are being maintained.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

UNM’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) - Website:

OEO handles complaints about inappropriate issues in the workplace. They are very supportive and begin by hearing the employee’s side of the issue. If warranted based on an initial assessment, OEO will privately and discreetly conduct an investigation in which they will interview parties involved, one-on-one, to give all sides of the story. Finally, OEO will create an action plan to deal with the situation.

Suspected Hate Crimes

UNM Office of Equity and Inclusion

If you have experienced an incident that is particularly offensive, you can report it through the UNM Office of Equity and Inclusion via its Hate Incident Reporting Form at All reports are given immediate attention and referred to the appropriate department for investigation.

Issues that fall under this category are specifically addressed in the University Policies listed below:

Regents' Policy Manual, Section 2.4: Diversity and Campus Climate

UAP 2240, Respectful Campus

Dishonesty, Fraud, Misconduct, or Retaliation

Internal Audit - Website:

Internal Audit will conduct an investigation of any suspected dishonest or fraudulent activity working with internal or external departments, such as the University Counsel's Office, University Department of Human Resources, and law enforcement agencies. In addition to the UNM Hotline listed below, suspected violations may be reported by phone (277-5016) or email (

UAP 7205, Dishonest or Fraudulent Activities

Internal Audit will review and evaluate reports of misconduct to determine if the report should be referred for further review and/or investigation. Internal Audit, Human Resources, Office of Equal Opportunity, Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs, and law enforcement agencies may perform these reviews and investigations.

EthicsPoint - Website:

Comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist management and employees to work together to address fraud, abuse, and other misconduct in the workplace, all while cultivating a positive work environment

Compliance Issues

UNM Hotline - Website:

The UNM Hotline is a risk-free way to anonymously report your knowledge or suspicions of fraud, misconduct, bullying, hostile work environment, ethics violations, retaliation, etc., 24 hours a day by calling: 1-888-899-6092

UAP 2200, Whistleblower Protection and Reporting Suspected Misconduct and Retaliation

Wellness and Employee Health 

Employee Health Promotion - Website:

To find balance, there are health and fitness classes offered through Continuing Education or the Employee Health Promotion program - We suggest you take advantage of the resources available to UNM staff and offer this information to your co-workers. Staff taking the time to help staff is how we make UNM a great place to work. The UNM Staff Council is dedicated to improving the working lives of UNM Staff!

The Staff Council Executive Committee
October 28, 2014