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President's Report to the Staff Council

November 20, 2018

November 2018 President’s Report

First, I would like to wish everything who celebrates Thanksgiving a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and I hope your travels are safe and enjoyable. 

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As we all have probably heard, we had a very interesting moment at the latest UNM Regents Meeting, where Regent Clifford made a very unfortunate statement that was harmful to the great product we have here at the University of New Mexico.  You may have seen the information we had put out on this, as there was some information in the Journal and Daily Lobo, and there should be more in the Journal tomorrow.  I want to thank Ryan Gregg for taking the lead on getting that letter put together.

This has also created a great deal of stir in other areas of our campus including public comments made in the Journal by Regent Brad Hosmer about the situation, which include in part:

I do not share Regent Clifford's view of the UNM graduates.  UNM has done and is doing a remarkable job educating both our undergraduates and graduates.  Provost Wood was accurate in responding that UNM is "...performing way above the bar".  Provost Wood's response was accurate, timely, and mercifully brief.  He could have said much more.

One idea that has come up is to have a good number of staff dress up in Lobo Gear for our next main Board of Regents Meeting and have a spokesperson inform the regents of what a great product we have here at UNM and how proud we are to be working for the flagship university in the state.  I will be asking for your thoughts at the business meeting today.

We are also in the midst of a very substantial budget shortfall, due to an enrollment decline here at UNM.  The Budget Leadership Team (BLT) is looking at all kinds of options, where they have several committees, which include the following:

  • Tuition/Fee Modeling
  • New Revenues/Cost Reallocation – I am a member of this group
  • Long-Term Budget Strategy – Danelle Callan is a member of this group
  • Branch Campuses

These committees look at their respective areas and give feedback to the larger BLT group, which I am a part of, so they we can put forward the best options to lessen the blow to the best extent possible.  One thing that has come out of this is that Student Fee Review Board (SFRB) had to make some tough decisions on cutting back on areas that request funding through this process.  The SFRB took into account many factors and have made their recommendations to the BLT, which were approved. 

The reason I mention this, is that we need to be thinking as staff of creative ways that we can add additional revenue, continue to make our product the best product in the state and instead of having decreased enrollment, have us talking about increased enrollment.  So, I ask this question of you all to give me ideas I can share with the BLT to assist in our budget process.  I will be asking at the business meeting today and you can email them to me at

Lastly, I would like to get your further feedback on things you as staff council would like to see us do for UNM or for us.

Some reflections on some of what we have done since May, thus far:

-          Staff Appreciation Lunch in May

-          Supervisors Award

-          A very successful summer Let’s Do Lunch Series

-          A staff sponsored reception for President Stokes first 200 days in office

-          A very successful Staff as Students event

-          An HSC Rave

-          Support of the Vigil for Peace, Inclusion and Healing

-          Had President Stokes speak at our May Business Meeting

-          Staff Appreciation Breakfast in August

-          Had Scooter the wonder dog come to one of business meetings to help sooth our anxiety.

Regent Meeting Information:

November 15th - Main Board of Regents Meeting E-Book -


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