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President's Report to the Staff Council

June 18, 2018 - Rob Burford, Staff Council President


President’s Report (6/19/2018)

Staff Council Updates

  • Elections Held May 15, 2018 
    • Ryan Gregg Elected (President Elect)
    • Mary Clark Elected (Speaker)
    • Lore Giese Elected (Treasurer)
    • Autumn Collins and Mark Reynolds (Grade at Large Reps)
    • Aracely Chapa and Scott Sanchez (Precinct at Large Reps)
    • Regents Meetings:  
      • Regular Board of Regents Historic Moment – June 12thRegents meeting held at Gallup Branch.   E-Book - It was very nice to see the passion that Gallup has for its students, as members of their board spoke about UNM Gallup, during the regents meeting.
      • HSC Committee (June 5th) – No E-book posted
      • Finance and Facilities Meeting (June 5th) – E-Book -
      • ASAR – Meeting Cancelled
      • Administrative Meetings (most of the meetings were setting the tone for future meetings):
        • President Stokes – Discussed safety issues (thinking of purchasing mobile cameras for parking lots, spoke about Let’s Do Lunch idea, spoke about her state outreach, sustainable staff wage increases, being a University FOR NM, being a top place to work for in NM
        • Provost Abdallah – Discussed redesigning the university and he suggested we have Dr. Mike Dougher speak at one of our Staff Council Meetings
        • HR Director Anderson – Discussed the health check-ups and her coming to speak at one of our upcoming meetings
        • Policy Director Deutsch – Discussed Policy 1150 (Policy on Staff Council), Universal Design Policy and we could potentially sell art for the Staff Appreciation Event  
        • President’s Message:
          • I want to encourage all of the staff council members to get involved in at least one of the committees we have and to volunteer for events that come up, such as staff council events, convocation, commencement, etc.   
          • We will be reaching out to you to get your feedback on the Business Meetings to make sure they represent what is needed for you all
          • It will be important for me to have a speaker that you can either learn something from or ask questions of at every Business Meeting
I want you all to understand that you can please reach out to me, either to my UNM email account or to the Staff Council email, preferably my email – to tell me your thoughts or concerns.  I have already had this happen from some folks, and I am hoping I have responded – if not, it is not because I am blowing you off – it is probably because I l

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