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President's Report to the Staff Council

September 28, 2017 - Danelle Callan, Staff Council President

September 2017 meeting

Good Day, Councilors.

The Budget Leadership Team (BLT) is resuming its meetings about the UNM budget. BLT meetings will be monthly in the Fall and will be bi-weekly starting in January. There was some disappointment concerning the results of the Budget Summit.  It was suggested that maybe the BLT group invite a few Regents to attend one of the meetings in the future in order to explain the work being done by the BLT group. As Staff Council Present I attend these meetings and sit on the subcommittee for cost reallocation. With another year of possible lower revenues for UNM the committee will be looking at new revenue sources and items that can be cut from UNM operating budget.

Rob Burford and I met with the Interim President this month to discuss:

  • UNM safety week
  • Staff Council and staff appreciation for his support of staff and staff concerns
  • The Interim President attending our September Staff Council meeting to discuss his re-engineering ideas and to be awarded the Staff HERO Award.
  • Staff Council Town Halls
  • Art and Honors College concerns from the August Regent meeting

The September Regent meeting took place earlier this month with discussion and public comments from faculty on a vote of confidence for the UNM Interim President and support for his contract to be extended another year. Faculty reasons included:

  • Accreditation concerns
  • Stability in leadership
  • Concerns about the applicant pool
  • The Interim Presidents good stewardship and leadership in the role
  • Re-engineering plan

At the Regent meeting during my 3 minute advisory comments time I recognized staff for their hard work and successful start of the semester activities. I pointed out that staff are an important part of UNM and that the work we do supports our mission, faculty and students every day. But the constraints of the budgets have caused our workforce to shrink which is starting to have an impact on morale and the services staff are able to provide. I invited any of the Regents to attend our Staff Council Meetings or Executive Committee meetings to share ideas and have an open discussion about staff concerns. I also extended Staff Councils support for the pause in the move of the Art and Honor colleges and encouraged more discussion from stakeholders before a final decision is rendered.

Rob Burford and I met with Dorothy Anderson from HR this month to discuss:

  • UNM jobs questions and staff concerns regarding the new system
  • Staff payment options for Sporting events and Popejoy Season Tickets
  • Discounted single game tickets for staff

ASAR meeting for this month was canceled by The Regents so nothing to report this month.

Thank you for your questions and providing me with feedback that I can share with UNM leadership and staff.


Danelle Callan

Staff Council President

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