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President's Report to the Staff Council

January 17, 2017 - President Danelle Callan

Staff Council Updates:

 Regent meeting is Friday 1/20

 BLT meetings have started for the FY18 and overall UNM financial sustainability. The committee has set up subcommittees who are reviewing and making recommendations related to:

oBudget Development-Norma Allen and Nicole Dopson

oNew Revenue Models-Monica Orozco

oTuition/Fee Modeling-Terry Babbitt

oCost/Reallocation-Geraldine Forbes Isais

oLong-Term Strategic Planning-Robert Berrens

Current estimates are that UNM is will need to recover 5 million dollars to make up for this year so UNM is looking at places to save money as well as make UNM of efficient to prevent budget shortfalls in future fiscal years.

Thanks Nancy for her work with UNM HSC Research Day for staff. The event is next week so please come and hear about projects staffs are heading up

RAD camp for spring break updates: Staff are interested and overall supportive in the RAD camp option for spring break. I have been working with Jim Todd ; Tim Gutierrez on the planning options but there might be some limitations in moving forward with the RAD camp option for this spring break.

Leave changes for new employees was presented to the Faculty and Staff benefits committee. This would create a tiered annual leave accrual instead of the standard 21 days. Staff Council Executive is meeting with VP Harris to discuss theses proposed changes and how it will affect UNM staff morale, recruitment and retention.

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