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President's Report to the Staff Council

October 18, 2016 - Staff Council President Danelle Callan


President’s Report to the Staff Council

October 18, 2016

  •  Moratorium updates: While UNM is on a hiring freeze the Provosts office are reviewing and approving essential positions that need to get filled to keep up services. At least 1/3 of all position requests are getting approved but just require additional documentation or explanation. The process of review should only take a few weeks. If you have experienced anything longer please let me know and I can follow up with UNM leadership. 
  • UNM leadership heard staff’s concern regarding the payroll issues affecting staff who are changing from exempt to non-exempt. They have created a temporary secondary payroll system to allow staff to stay getting paid monthly even though they are now non-exempt. This option should help staff who raised concerns about smaller paychecks due to the changeover.
    • HR will be posting content on this topic on their website by COB tomorrow
  • The UNM retiree association has created a resolution that will be presented related to a proposed change in employees coming back to work after retiring that will be presented at the legislative session. The change will increase the amount of FTE from .25 to .33 but the individuals would have to pay into the ERB.
    • Please check the email that went out from Mary Clark or grab a handout by the door 
  • The policy office posted several new policy changes and they are available for comment on the policy office’s website or in the email I sent out to staff last week. Please take a moment to look at the changes because they affect sick leave, travel reimbursement, and other policies that directly impact staff. 
  • President Frank was supportive about the following changes Staff Council executive proposed at this month’s meeting with him:
    • UNM staff being able to use tuition remission for CNM class
    • UNM staff spouses being able to sue their currently allotted tuition remission for academic classes as well as professional development classes
    • Having a UNM staff kids camp during spring break (similar to the summer camps) to help accommodate parents since the spring break from APS and UNM are different. 
  • Early voting starts 10/22

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