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President's Report to the Staff Council

September 20, 2016 - President Danelle Callan

Staff Council President’s Report to the Council 

I wish I had better news to share. The truth is UNM is facing budget uncertainty given the fluctuation of oil prices, changes in enrollment numbers, and compliance with the new FLSA guidelines.

I have heard from many constituents and counselors who are facing difficulties in regards to these changes, and I wish Staff Council could do more to help. In response to staff questions, we hope to have someone from HR at our October meeting to help clarify the FLSA changes and hear how this is impacting staff so we can work together to identify solutions.

I want to take a moment before my report to reiterate that we are all stakeholders in this institution. We all have a voice and can influence change. It is important for us to demonstrate the value we as staff bring to UNM. We need to share our thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with each other and the broader UNM community so that others can benefit from our experiences.  Sometimes it takes the voices of many to be heard. Please use our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Staff Council site to share information and make comments regarding issues affecting staff. I urge everyone to please attend meetings, such as the budget forum and regents meetings, to respectfully ask questions and give a voice to staff.

 President’s Report:

  • The UNM Policy Office is working on updating policies and will be sharing those in the next few months so they can gather comments before the public posting. 
  • At the request of Staff Council, the ‘Time off ‘Section 7.11 was revised to authorize employees to take up to one hour of paid time for the preparation of a response to their annual written performance review. 
  • FLSA letters should be going out to employees and supervisors who are affected by the new guidelines. It has been shared with executive committee that this may impact employees’ bill payments because they might not be able to have everything taken out at the start or end of the month. 
  • The budget is having another bad year. UNM leadership is trying to be transparent with staff by holding open forums where information can be shared and questions asked. Please attend the budget forum offered by the President this Thursday 12:30-2 at the SUB. Information will be shared about possible budget cuts and staffing concerns. 
  • Executive committee will continue the leadership program that was implemented by past President Dr. Renee Delgado Riley. She has been an amazing leader and mentor for Staff Council, and we wish her the best in her new position. 

In closing I want to encourage staff to learn new skills. One of the best benefits we have is the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally at UNM though our tuition remission and development programs. We can enroll in classes toward a degree and take continuing education courses to enhance our resumes and personal lives, from learning how to cook to getting certified in mediation.

Recently I have been working on acknowledging others and helping them reach their goals. Cultivating a culture of trust though shared accomplishment and growth can bring staff together as a team. Thank you to the staff that make the daily difficulties of Banner, Chrome River, budgets, purchasing, scheduling and management look easy. Your hard work makes a difference in those around you every day.

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