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What Is a Resolution?

A resolution is document introduced by a Staff Councilor usually requesting that action on a particular issue be taken. It may also express an opinion or position of an organized body. Usually after the adoption of a resolution a member of the Council, the resolution sponsor, or any other member of the body may request that the resolution be directed to one or more University Officials for consideration and action. It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to ensure that a resolution is sent and reviewed by the person or the office to which it is sent. It is also their responsibility to report back to the Council on any action or non-action taken.

All resolutions are in PDF format. Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

For councilors, refer to the Councilor Handbook section on writing resolutions, and see the resolution template here. 


Resolution 2019 #1 - Support for UNM Legislative Priorities

Resolution 2019 #2 - Parental Leave 

Resolution 2019 #3 - Employment of People with Disabilities


Resolution 2018 #1 - Support for Staff with Disabilities


Resolution 2017 #1 - Creation of Staff Council Town Hall Ad Hoc Committee

Resolution 2017 #2 - Security Cameras in All Campus Parking Lots

Resolution 2017 #3- Creation of a Sanctuary Campus at the University of New Mexico


Resolution 2016 #1 - Creation of Staff Councilor Engagement Committee

Resolution 2016 #2 - UNM Seal

Resolution 2016 #3 - Shared Governance

Resolution 2016 #4 - Winter Break Schedule

Resolution 2016 #5 - Campus Police Officer and Security Staff Commendation


Resolution 2015 #1 - Adoption of 2015 Strategic Plan

Resolution 2015 #2 - Retain Healthcare Retiree Benefits for Future UNM Employees 

Resolution 2015 #3 - Budget Leadership Team Proposal

Resolution 2015 #4 - Staff Engagement Survey Data 


Resolution 2014 #1 - Support for Compensation Increase

Resolution 2014 #2 - Request for Additional Council Funding

Resolution 2014 #3 - Creation of Staff Council Events Committee

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